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So we have been working behind the scenes over the summer to create this sparkly new website. When we started our biscuit business, we just wanted to make lovely biscuits and hope that they made other people as happy as they make us. It turns out they do, and so we need to make sure our little business keeps growing and sending happy biscuits out into the world!

As Enchanting Bakes has grown, we have learnt a great deal, got really good at some things, realised we are really bad at other things and steered our business accordingly. We have built up an incredible roster of corporate clients commissioned by so many of them again and again (so we must be doing something right!). From product launches, thank you's, seasonal corporate gifting, trade shows, the now infamous biscuit business card and many other occasions, we love working with our clients from concept through to delivery - using our marketing and advertising experience and applying it to unique corporate gifting.

We have also developed biscuit ranges for life's big events and we really work hard to produce something that fits the personality of our customer - be it our amazing photo cookies, custom wedding favours or hidden inside gender reveal biscuits.

A big change for us if that we have refined and improved our biscuit gift boxes. They are still beautiful, can still be ordered online, and are still posted directly out. We now have these in our Etsy gift shop so we can spend more time baking rather than maintaining our online store!

We hope you will enjoy browsing our new website, looking at our biscuits galleries. And if you pop along to our Etsy store, you might even want to buy some biscuits!

We'd love your feedback on our new site, and also if there are any biscuits or gifts you would like to see us create.

EB xx

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